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I’m Bridgetta Giles. My pronouns are she/her. I’m a certified family life educator, sexuality educator, counselor, and podcast host of Say It To Me Nice, a podcast all about sex, intimacy, sexual communication, pleasure, and women’s sexual health and empowerment.

I started my private coaching and educational services in 2014;however, I’ve been teaching families and service providers how to honor and elevate the familial experience for over 16 years!


With degrees and certifications in Family and Child Studies, Human Sexuality, Parenting Education, and Human Services with a concentration in Spiritual Life Coaching, it is no confusion in my passion. I LOVE Families!


My work as a Sexuality Educator and podcaster centers the pleasure, growth, and empowerment of women of color, with heavy emphasis on the experiences of Black women.

My vision is simple:

My primary mission is to close the Orgasm Gap by creating safe, sex positive spaces that encourages sexual exploration and agency, educates women on their bodies, pleasure, intimacy, and sexual mindfulness, and enhances women’s overall sexual experiences. 


My work also focuses on teaching service providers how to create safe, affirming space to serve diverse SOGIE communities, including LGBTQIA+ clients, consensual non monogamous families, and kink clients and their families.


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I create spaces for  BIPOC women to better understand sexuality.

Sexuality Expert

Bridgetta Giles


Sexuality Education


Sexuality Education


A Few Whispers About Me

“Bridgetta is a true gem. Her vast knowledge in sexual health, intimacy, and empowerment is life-changing. She is witty and super easy to talk to. She offers the best advice and products, for even the most inexperienced.” 

—  V. (she/her)

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